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The adventures of wife at a nightclub.


Slave wife
The suburbs
Office relations
This housewife is a total whore for her mistresses, they make her fuck all the guys in the bar ...
This hotwife likes to fuck strangers and she brings a friend with her ...
Who is better for this office slut? Her boyfriend or her boss?
Slutty wives 4
Theater wife
Cuckold fantasies
These slutwives are fucking everybody but their husbands ...
The white wife is fucked by a black guy in an adult theatre ...
White wife fucking big black cocks while her husband watches
The pleasure
You can fuck my wife
Just married
Discovering the pleasure of watching his wife with another man ...
The husband brings home a lover to fuck his horny wife while he is watching ...
The groom is forced to watch his bride fucked by a lesbian...
A true love
Slutty wives 3
Slutty wives 2
How many lovers one housewife can have?
The husband got an idea: to arrange a gangbang for his wife and videotape the action
Unsatisfied wife is cheating on her husband
Slutty wives 1
What a surprise!
The meeting
"The neighborhood guys came around as soon as my husband was out ..."
This girl is a perfect future wife for a cuckold. Would you marry her?
It's been a month since the couple had sex with each other. Are they fucking someone else?
Another story
Good wife
The party
The wife has lovers, participates in orgies, fucks strangers and her husband knows and approves everything ...
What should a wife do when she finds out her husband cheats? She should cheat on him too!
Two slutty housewives get gangbanged at a students party ...
The wedding dress
An invitation
I know she is cheating
A bride to be has sex with a stranger right before her wedding ...
A married couple invites a friend for dinner to their home and soon the husband has to watch helplessly as his wife fucks their young friend ...
A man suspects his wife is cheating on him. He decides to come home unexpectedly and catch them in the act ...
He fucked my girfriend
A guy's slutty girlfriend is getting fucked in their car while he gets a ticket from the police officer ...
Unsatisfied wife likes being fucked in every hole by two young studs after her husband leaves for work ...
When the night comes and her husband falls asleep, she dresses up like a hooker and goes out ...
Playing doctor
Wife's threesome
The butler
Husband gets off while watching his wife being examined by a gynecologist ...
Wife has an affair with her co-worker at the office. She tells her husband every dirty detail and even convinces him to have a threesome with the co-worker.
The sex life of a rich couple: she waits till her hubby falls asleep and then she lets the butler fuck her hard ...
Things ...
The cell
A man comes to his girlfriend's apartment and discovers that the girl he wants to marry is cheating on him with his colleague
While at a restaurant with his wife, the husband gets an important call on his cell phone. He talks and talks and doesn't even notice that his wife is being fucked by a stranger in a men's room ...
A guy goes to a bachelor party and discovers that the stripper is his fiancee ...
Bachelorette party 6
Bachelorette party 5
Bachelorette party 4
The bride-to-be tells her story of cheating on her boyfriend with an older guy
The wife accidentally walks into the wrong apartment, where she has to play a prostitute for some horny youngsters
A bisexual wife has a lesbian relationship with her husband's coworker
Bachelorette party 3
Bachelorette party 2
Bachelorette party 1
A married couple is invited to a swinger party, where the wife gets gangbanged by all the male guests
The wife is cheating on her husband with fitness instructor, who uses her like a real slut
The junkman fucks the wife while her husband's looking for an old bycycle up in the attic
A couple is abused by youngsters in a subway car. The wife is sandwitched while her husband is forced to jerk off and watch
Robbers break into restaurant where a wedding reception is being held and fuck the bride while the groom is forced to watch
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